Start of an End…

I thought of write something in my blog after an extended silence. I was kind of busy during last two months with my academic work. We had the end semester examination for the Level 4, first semester. It continued about for three weeks and was a stressful period. Exam was not that hard, but not that easy. Yes, it is moderate. For some subjects, it was tough. And for couple subjects, it was not that tough as expected. Anyway, I did my best in my maximum as usual and stopped thinking about the exam. đŸ˜‰ And I am ready to accept any result without any regret.

And I am going to start my final semester at university tomorrow. It is happy, because after this, no more exams and it is all about doing programming stuff as my job. And it is sad, as I am going to miss my uni life and uni friends. And most of the work of our final year project is remaining and we have to complete it during this semester. But we have a less academic work compared to other semesters, so we will have some time for the project work.

So a lot of hard working and stressful days are ahead waiting for me.


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