back to blogging….

It has been a long time after my last post. Yeah, it is more than three months. These three months can be labeled as some of the hardest days in my life. After coming back to Uni for the final year, the life got tougher with the academic work load. And of course, I did not get a minute, even to wipe the dust out of my laptop. (I am going to do it right after this. :-))
Today, I found some free time. I managed to finish my GSoC project on time and submitted the final patch yesterday. I should also mention about Ant, my mentor, who helped me to achieve my goal. Although the final project plan was slightly deviated from its original, the end product was useful. And I have laid the foundation for the Tuscany SCA support in the Geronimo Admin Console. If you are interested you can download the code from here. (It is just needs a few maven commands to build the source, of course you must have Geronimo Installed.)

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