University of Moratuwa is on Top

Google announced the top ten universities with the highest number of applicants and accepted proposals.


University of Moratuwa is there, not just among the top ten; but on the TOP. Yes, UoM is the first place in both these statistics. There are 24 accepted proposals from University of Moratuwa, where as the second place has 10 accepted proposals. 18 out of this 24 are from students of Department of Computer Science and Engineering. I am really proud for being a contributor to this victory of our university and our department.

This is a good evidence for the various efforts made by our department staff to increase the quality of the degree program. Dr.Sanjiva Weerawarana, one of the great supporters of CSE department has also mentioned this in his blog.

Today we have reached a significant mile stone in the open source world. Yet a lot more to go…


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