SOA with Apache Tuscany

This is the project that took my interest for last two weeks. This is an Apache project and it is still in its incubating stage. But I am quite sure that this will become matured very soon. It is because of the great potential of this project. Now there is a huge trend for SOA, and legacy systems are migrated to the SOA. So SOA middleware like Axis2, Synapse are becoming more and more popular. Apache Tuscany has put another step further, it helps assembling the existing services.

Tuscany SCA is a major building block of Tuscany project. Tuscany Service Component Architecture (Tuscany SCA) provides infrastructure for developing applications by combining the existing components and contributions. These contributions are residing in SCA domains. An SCA domain may be comprised of a single runtime or multiple runtimes. Most of the time, it is distributed across several runtimes within a network.

I have to mention one more thing about Tuscany. It is very easy to get started with Tuscany. Documentations are really of high quality. They are descriptive and simple. The Tuscany community is very active. You will be getting answers to your problems within few minutes.
I know now you are curious to know more about Tuscany. If so this is the way.

This has all you want.


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