Summer of Code is back..

Google Summer of Code is announced for this year too. I am spending some time on the projects they listed, to find the one which suits me. So these days its all about downloading sources/binaries, trying samples, and writing to mailing lists.
I am interested about few Apache projects. Why Apache ? I love the way Apache manages its projects. And I like the Apache culture. I got to know about Apache in my internship days where I got the chance to work with Apache Axis2 and Apache Synapse. Apache Sling, Apache Jackrabbit and Apache Tuscany was some other projects that took my attention.
Doing a summer of code is a great opportunity to contribute to the ongoing open source while learning a lot. This is the first time, I am applying for GSoC.

Sometimes my proposal will not get selected. But my interest on open source projects will not degrade.


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