From IDE to Word Processor

Now it is the last few weeks of our 6 months internship period. I feel like it is only few days after we started our internship. It was a great time which was full of fun and smile. Indeed it is a good relief for us, keep our selves away from university work load at least for couple of months. We acquired a good knowledge on technical aspects. We learnt a lot from the people out here @ WSO2.

Nowadays I am writing my training report. Only twenty days are left, to write all the stuff about last six months. I do not find much time to do programming or reading, I have to write. So I am writing and my older friend MS Office is with me after six-seven months. Do not ask me why I do not use Open Office. You know the answer.  But I’ll give you a hint. ;-). This is a large report, which should have proper formatting and I don’t have much time.

Why writers (say, technical writers) are not paid as much as software developers ? How bad it is. People who does the hard and boring work should be paid well.


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